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Relaxing on the Philippines

After our trips from Beijing to Shanghai, and respectively, after snow in Mongolia, the beaches on the Philippines presented a very nice change. There’s not much to tell about the weeks we spent there, lots of sunsets, San Miguel beer, pork menudo, and hanging about at the beach or the Red Pirates bar.

While Boracay’s White Beach was great to stay at and swim, El Nido on Palawan island had us take island hopping tours to enjoy some great snorkelling. Unfortunately, in one of the lagoons the attack of a biting fish (certainly as big as a shark) made us drown our camera, which we later replaced in Singapore.

We found the people on the Philippines very friendly and welcoming, and except for a truly tropical storm beginning of October, the weather was just fine. The snorkelling and the beautiful islands made us hungry for more, and we decided to move on to Indonesia and spend a great deal of time on the Maluku Islands. But first we had to put in a stopover in Singapore to get a 60-day visa.

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